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Introducing Basic Self-Defense Course for WOMEN at JKA Bahrain

Date: 2/1/2015 - Created: 2/1/2015
Mock Introducing Basic Self-Defense Course for WOMEN at JKA Bahrain

Introducing Basic Self-Defense Course for WOMEN at JKA Bahrain. The course is progressively taught over two consecutive weekend days for a total number of 3 hours of training. 

JKA Bahrain Basic Self Defense course for Women is short and comprehensive, designed for those with busy schedules. The course is split into two weekends covering two parts training; Day One covers the general principles of women’s self-defense to include awareness strategies taking into account the behavioral patterns of criminals, situational recognition, personal behavioral assessment, methods to identify vulnerability, followed by mind and Karate countermeasures available. Thereafter the instructors will cover basic skills taking from Karate which could be used freely in defending yourself. Along with this, basic defense training skills will be put in action.

The second weekend will cover defense against a single unarmed assailant.  You will learn fighting strategies and tactics to include vocalization, assertiveness, boundary setting, verbal negotiation, and how to use weaknesses and strengths, application, self-evaluation, realistic physical skill development during realistic over-take defense scenarios.

The course will be available mid-February for BD50 per participant. If you are interested to join the course, please send us an email on dojo@jka-bahrain.com with your name and mobile number and we will contact you with the details for registration. For additional information, please contact us on +973-3888-6930 or www.jka-bahrain.com

Come Learn How to Defend Yourself...Stop the attack before it happens to you!

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