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Dojo Kun

Dojo Kun is recited at the conclusion of every karate training session, allowing the students to reflect upon the guiding principles of karate-do. Dojo Kun is usually chanted by one of the senior belts in the final line up.

At the end of each session, follow the sequence below:

1. Seiza – ‘sit’ so that knees are aligned with the person on your right.
2. Mokuso – ‘close your eyes and begin meditation’ – The objective is to allow students to focus and clear your mind and reflect what you have trained.
3. Mokuso Yame – ‘meditation complete - open your eyes’
4. DoJo Kun – All students must recite the following:
    Seek Perfection of Character
   (Jinkaku Kansei ni Tsutomeru Koto) 
    Be Faithful 
   (Makoto No Miichi~O Mamoru Koto)
   (Doryoku No Seishin~O Yashinau Koto)
    Respect Others
   (Reigi~O Omonjiru Koto)
    Refrain from Violent Behavior
   (Kekki No Yu~O Imashimeru Koto)

Then the senior belt would face Sensei and chant the following:
5. Sho-manei Rei – ‘Pay respect’ to all being
6. Sensei nei Rei - ‘ Pay respect to Sensei’