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JKA Bahrain Completes Masters Program


JKA Bahrain instructors returned back from Cairo on Wednesday evening successfully completing the Japan Karate Association Masters Camp 07/12/07 through 12/12/07.  The camp was organized by Japan Karate Association and the Egyptian Karate Federation. The camp hosted Masters from Japan, Masaaki Ueki, Tatsuya Naka, and Hideki Okamoto.  These Masters are senior instructors at Japan Karate Association Tokyo Head Quarters.  The aim of the camp is to provide Karate instructors in the Middleast, Africa, and the Gulf with the latest update in JKA Karate techniques which could be passed down to their students. 


Several senior instructors from JKA branches around the Middleast, Africa, the Gulf and Cyprus attended the Camp totaling over 400 senior black belts.  The Camp was held for five days focusing on Kata & Kumite improvements, power delivery, dynamic movement, energy circulation, and self-defense.  The Masters from Japan also conducted special sessions on preparing instructors on qualifications for judging and refereeing for competitions, as well as, JKA belt examination qualifications.


JKA Bahrain presents appreciation trophy to Ueki Sensei at the final ceremony.


JKA Bahrain Completes JKA Europe Instructor Program (06/06/08)

France JKA organized the JKA Europe Instructor course on June 6-8 2008.  The course was instructed by JKA Tokyo Instructors: Ueki Sensei, Tanaka Sensei, Okuma Sensei, and Nemoto Sensei.  The course was conducted in Paris.





JKA Bahrain Completes Japan Training Course...(04/04/08)

Members of JKA Bahrain travelled to Tokyo Japan to take part in a 10 days training at the famous JKA Honbu training center.  The training was conducted daily with several sessions for different levels.  Some members also attended Zen training as an extension of Bushido martial arts body and mind training.