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Joining Japan Karate Association 

When you join the JKA, you gain access to many benefits of membership. Primarily, of course, you get continual guidance from highly-skilled and certified instructors, experienced evaluation for Dan and Kyu rank promotions, the right to participate in local and international JKA karate tournaments, and dozens of other practical advantages, including the privilege of joining the most qualified Karate organization in the world. But the best reason to join is for karate itself.


Membership Types
Group Membership: for those wishing to affiliate their dojo or karate group in Bahrain or Gulf with Japan Karate Association through JKA Bahrain and JKA World Federation. Affiliate your Dojo under JKA Today...Contact us at DOJO@JKA-BAHRAIN.COM  
Individual Membership: for students interested in joining JKA Bahrain as an individual and attending classes at JKA Bahrain dojo.  Please download the registeration form listed below, fillout and bring to the JKA Bahrain dojo for admission.  Our membership is not based on daily sessions, it is based on monthly enrolment, therefore monthly fee must be secured to enable you continuity of the JKA Bahrain membership.

Download Student Application Form

Training Schedule

Please note that training is conducted on different floors; Advanced belts on ground floor and Beginners on 1st floor as follows:


Children Classes
Saturday5:00p-6:00p Beginners (1st Floor Dojo)5:00p-6:00p Advanced (Ground Floor Dojo)
Monday5:00p-6:00p Beginners (1st Floor Dojo)5:00p-6:00p Advanced (Ground Floor Dojo)
Wednesday5:00p-6:00p Beginners (1st Floor Dojo)5:00p-6:00p Advanced (Ground Floor Dojo)


Adult Classes

9:00a-10:00a Advanced Kata

10:30a-11:30a Instructors Only

A) Adults - Bahraini Dinars 45.000

B) Children - Bahraini Dinars 40.000

C) JKA Members Visitors - Bahraini Dinars 7.000 per class

D) Registration Fee for new students Bahraini Dinars 5.000
E) Private Classes - Bahraini Dinars 20.000 / Per Hour 
F) Fees are non-refundable

Our Location in Bahrain

We are located on the main road of Budaiya across the street from the Korean Bakery and Jazeera Supermarket.  Our center is located within Habitat Business Complex.  To obtain additional information or driving directions, please contact us on +973-3888-6930.



Not sure if JKA Karate is for you...then...

Take advantage of our free trial class...ask our front desk for the special trial class when you visit us.