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JKA Bahrain Camp (Gasshuku) - November 2010
For the second year, JKA Bahrain conducts JKA Training Camp, sponsored by JKA Tokyo and supported by JKA Bahrain, JKA Kuwait, and JKA UAE.  The camp, referred to in Japanese as 'Gasshuku', is geared to provide a taste of the training held in Japan.  The word Gasshuku means to gather together -  it refers to people of the same dojo staying somewhere together for a time in order to practice harder or more than usual.  A senior instructor from JKA Tokyo, Naka Sensei was present in Bahrain for three days as he coordinated and trained JKA students from Bahrain, Saudi, Kuwait, and UAE.  Naka Sensei is well known in the karate community for his latest karate movie 'Kuro Obi' or 'Black Belt'. He has become the star of JKA and karate around the world.
This event was not just a training session, it is a technical course for adults and juniors to enhance their karate skills and interact with others in the field of karate.  Not to mention that during the camp (Gasshuku), students got to learn from some of these talented masters and try new techniques when they went back home to their dojo.  That too offerred a shift in their training when they went back to their dojo.  The interaction with others from different dojo(s) is another inspiration - training side by side like warriors - the bushido way.
Naka Sensei covered training for three days which included kihon, kumite and kata.  Naka Sensei also covered some self-defense techniques as well as new inspirational way of training shotokan methods for instructors and students.  On the last day, black belt and instructors license testing was also conducted by a technical panel headed by Naka Sensei (Japan), Haddad Sensei (UAE), Marwan Sensei (Kuwait), and Ehab Sensei (Bahrain).