4/19/2024 8:32:28 AM

Bullying for Kids

Helping Kids Deal With Bullies


What is a bully? It is someone who takes advantage of another individual that he or she perceives as more vulnerable. The goal is to gain control over the victim or over the bully’s social group. This type of behavior occurs in all ages and in all social groups. Most adults, if they think about it, have experienced bullying too.  Normally kids are bullied:

  • If they are overweight or thin
  • About their family
  • If they are popular
  • If they work hard
  • If they are a different religion, colour or culture
  • If they have dyslexia or dyspraxia
  • Over their looks
  • Over the colour of their hair
  • Over schoolwork
  • If they have a disability
  • If they wear spectacles or a hearing aid
  • If they've been off school due to illness

At JKA Bahrain we offer special sessions for kids to tackle this common social problem at schools.  We specifically focus on teaching kids how to respond and deal with bullying at school.  Sign up today and take advantage of these special sessions.


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